What kind of shoes are the jeans? These four pairs of shoes are suitable.

What kind of shoes do you wear with jeans?

1, jeans with white casual shoes

White casual shoes should not be unfamiliar to everyone, men’s shoes are nothing more than black, white, brown, gray, which casual shoes should be worn white, with blue jeans fashion casual and simple and generous, give People have a small fresh feeling.

2, jeans with khaki Martin boots

Martin shoes can be regarded as a must-have item in men’s shoes, stylish and handsome, with a pair of jeans, both casual and generous, very stylish and handsome, men who are looking for handsome style, you can try Martin boots.

3, jeans Bullock carved shoes

Brock carved shoes are a more exquisite one in men’s shoes. The hollow carved design adds a sense of fashion to the shoes, and the shoes are very breathable, and the jeans are also very beautiful.

4, jeans with trend canvas shoes

If you use any kind of men’s shoes to represent youthful vitality, then non-canvas shoes are the only ones. The canvas shoes are made of canvas material. The style is youthful and fashionable, the material is comfortable and breathable, and the jeans are also very fashionable and trendy.


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